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Who We Are

ALL Holding Company, LLC is the jointly owned entity of the merger of two historic companies (Alderfer, Inc. and Leidy's, LLC). The Alderfer brand of products specializes in naturally wood smoked pork, beef and turkey products and has been in the marketplace for over 89 years. The Leidy's brand of products which has been in existence for over 119 years, is well known for its high quality, fresh and smoked pork products. Given the long history, expertise and complementary products of Alderfer & Leidy's, the merger was a natural fit and the merged company is now able to be a single source for over 1300 different products as well as the best in quality and service.

Today, the vision to carry on the solid reputation and legacy of Alderfer & Leidy's premium product lines continues. The ALL Holding Company organization will continue maintaining the highest processing standards in the industry, while focusing on product line extensions and geographical market expansion for our retail and foodservice divisions. To make strides in those directions we've upgraded our facilities by improving our production, packaging, shipping and warehouse areas.

We are placing strong emphasis on safe work environments for our employees and will be ensuring routine food safety and worker safety training so we will be able to continue to produce only the finest, high-quality products. We will integrate vertically to keep close relationships with our hog suppliers and will maintain our partnerships with local family farms that are committed to raising hogs in a stress-free, humane environment with an all-natural diet. Through our core values, we will strive to operate with integrity and trust and are committed to creating value for our shareholders, customers and employees. We invite you to become more familiar with our selection of premium products by learning more about our brands.


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