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Alderfer "100 Calorie Selections"

Our Alderfer 100 Calorie Ham and Turkey Selections are the first of it's kind in the meat aisle! These single serving Turkey Fillets and Ham Steaks are packed as convenient, fixed weight, 3 oz. slices--and only contain 100 calories per package! Our 100 Calorie Selections can serve as excellent portion controled, fully cooked meals.

100 Calorie Selections Boneless Ham Steak, 3oz. - Item # 23260

100 Calorie Selections Oven Roasted Turkey Fillet, 3oz. - Item # 55520100calturkey2100calham2


  • Naturally Wood Smoked
  • 99% (turkey) & 98% (ham) fat free
  • 100 Calorie, Single Serving Package
  • No MSG
  • Gluten Free
  • Fully Cooked, can be served hot or cold
  • Premium Seasonings


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