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For over 89 years, the Alderfer brand has consisted of exquisite naturally wood smoked, pork, beef and turkey products. With a reputation for the utmost in quality, Alderfer continues providing nutritious products for your family to enjoy--with no added fillers or additives we select only the finest premium seasonings for our product recipes. Alderfer products are processed to the highest standards and then slowly smoked for hours in our original on-site smokehouse to deliver an old-fashioned smokehouse flavor. With a selection of popular specialty items, the Alderfer brand will continue to deliver the quality you have come to trust since 1922.

Alderfer Product Lineup Includes:

  • Premium Deli Line
  • Turkey
  • Bacon
  • Ham
  • Bolognas

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Leidy's quality pork products first emerged in the marketplace in 1893 and still remains true to it's founder promise of delivering only the highest quality pork products. Our Leidy's brand of products have uncompromising standards of quality from the hogs we breed and raise, to the traditional processing methods, ensure our customers receive only the most tender and juicy natural pork. We partner with small family farms that share our commitment and passion to bring the best pork products to market. Because our hogs are raised in a stress-free environment and given the highest quality feed, Leidy's pork is naturally tender and juicy. There is no need to inject our fresh pork with solutions or artificial ingredients. Our processing standards are among the highest in the industry so you're assured of the finest quality, whether it is fresh pork or one of our tasty hams, bacon or sausages.

Leidy's Product Lineup Includes:

  • Fresh Pork
  • Sausage
  • Bacon
  • Ham
  • Unique Specialty Items
  • "Nature's Tradition" Antibiotic Free Pork Line
  • "Pennsylvania Farm Fresh" Locally Raised Pork

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