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Antibiotic Free Pork - Leidy's Nature's Tradition Fresh Pork Products

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No Antibiotics or Growth Promotants Ever

No Added Water or Artificial Ingredients

No Animal By-Products—Vegetarian Grain Fed

To meet your desire for healthier eating, Leidy's Nature's Tradition brings you the highest quality, all-natural and most tender cuts of pork. Our fresh pork is always flavorful, juicy and simply delicious!

Leidy's Nature's Tradition is 100% natural pork and raised with no antibiotics or other additives ever. Because we take such great care in animal nutrition and preparation, Leidy's Nature's Tradition line of fresh pork has nothing artificial. Our animals are humanely raised and provided with an all-natural diet of the finest grains. This means you taste the natural, tender flavors and texture of the pork — and nothing else!

We are passionate about our products and we truly care about our customers' health and nutrition. That's why we developed our new Nature's Tradition line of fresh pork — so you and your family can enjoy the excellent taste and nutritional benefits of our purest, highest quality, all-natural pork.

Our humane and special care of animals is an important part of Leidy's Nature's Tradition. The American Humane Association has awarded us their certification because we raise our pigs in a healthy, low stress environment where they are free to express their normal behavior. They are provided with proper facilities, fresh water, sufficient space, adequate shelter, and comfortable resting areas.  Click here to learn more about the AHA certification. So try all our Leidy's Nature's Tradition fresh pork products, and know that Leidy's is committed to providing you with wholesome, healthy, great tasting pork.