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Alderfer Spiral Carved, Boneless Ham

Whether it's an upscale holiday meal or a casual celebration, our Alderfer Spiral Carved Hams will make the perfect centerpiece. Our Boneless Spiral Hams are fully cooked and elegantly carved to contain tender slices of juicy, naturally wood smoked ham. We've added a glaze packet as the perfect accompaniment.

alderfer spiralhalf webAlderfer Boneless Spiral Carved Ham, Whole (avg. 14 lbs.) - Item # 21700

Alderfer Boneless Spiral Carved Ham, Half (avg. 8 lbs.) - Item # 21710


  • Naturally Wood Smoked, no artificial or liquid smoke flavorings
  • Firm, moist and tender for exceptional texture
  • Fully cooked
  • Honey Glaze Packet Included
  • Gluten Free
  • Premium Seasonings with no binders, no MSG


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