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Alderfer Double Smoked Boneless Ham

The aroma alone will make your mouth water! Our Alderfer Double Smoked Boneless Hams have a deep smoked, savory flavor which can only be found by being double smoked with real hardwood chips in our smokehouse. These hand-selected, hand-trimmed and hand-assembled natural juice boneless hams contain no fillers, no shank meat, just top and bottom rounds of pork. Experience the old fashioned flavor today and take a trip to the past. Elite in the class of premium hams.

doublesmokedwhole webAlderfer Double Smoked Boneless Ham, Whole (avg. 8 lbs.)-  Item # 21140


  • Double Smoked for an exquisite flavor
  • Naturally wood smoked, No artificial or liquid smoke flavoring
  • Slowly Cured
  • 98% fat free
  • Gluten Free
  • No MSG
  • Fully Cooked, Serve Warm or Cold


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