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Alderfer "Premium Lite" Buffalo Turkey Breast

Oven roasted to perfection and hand-rubbed with savory seasonings for an authentic buffalo style taste, our Alderfer Premium Lite Buffalo Turkey Breast delivers a bold, yet pleasing flavor in every bite. This versatile item is an excellent way to add a bold kick to everyday sandwiches and is also suitable as a delicious protein addition for salad recipes.

Our Premium Lite Deli Line of Turkeys contain at least 50% less fat & 50% less calories than turkey breast as shown in the U.S.D.A. handbook. Lite turkey contains 50 calories, 1g fat compared to U.S.D.A. data 108 calories, 4.5g fat per serving.premiumlite buffturkey

Alderfer Premium Lite Buffalo Turkey Breast - Item # 55140


  • Authentic buffalo style taste
  • Fully Cooked, simply slice and serve
  • 99% fat free
  • Gluten Free
  • No MSG
  • Premium Seasonings
  • Firm, moist and tender for exceptional texture


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