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Alderfer Sweet Lebanon Bologna

A signature smokehouse treat! Alderfer's Lebanon Bolognas are made from pure lean beef, slowly marinated with premium seasonings and naturally hardwood smoked. Our famous Lebanon Bolognas have an unmatched smoky and tangy flavor profile. These savory bolognas are great in appetizers, salads, sandwiches and much more! Alderfer's Lebanon Bolognas are available in an original and sweet version.5lb reglebanon package

Alderfer Sweet Lebanon Deli Slicer (avg. 5 lbs.) - Item # 25220

Alderfer Sweet Lebanon Deli Slicer (avg. 9 lbs.) - Item # 2525


  • Naturally Wood Smoked, no artificial or liquid smoke flavorings
  • Premium Seasonings
  • No MSG
  • 100% Beef product
  • No Binders - no carrageenan, no hydrolyzed vegetable/soy proteins
  • Gluten Free


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