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Alderfer's "Schafer Style" Deli Beef Bologna

Alderfer's Schafer Style Beef Bologna is naturally wood smoked and made from the highest quality lean beef. This beef bologna is made from an original 160-year-old German recipe which only uses premium seasonings to deliver an exquisite meaty flavor-with a hint of black pepper. This bologna is excellent sliced on sandwiches or cubed to highlight any party tray.schaferdelibologna package
Alderfer's "Schafer Style" Deli Slicer, Half (avg. 4 lbs.) - Item # 25605

Alderfer's "Schafer Style" Deli Slicer, Whole (avg. 9 lbs.) - Item # 25615


  • Premium Seasonings
  • No MSG
  • Naturally Wood Smoked, no artificial or liquid smoke flavorings
  • 100% Beef product
  • No Binders - no carrageenan, no hydrolyzed vegetable/soy proteins
  • Gluten Free


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